Currently, I am a Senior Researcher and Lecturer in the Communication Systems Group (CSG) of ETH Zurich. I received my Ph.D. degree at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2009. Next, I spent 2 years at University of California, Irvine.

My main areas of research interest include graph sampling in Online Social Networks, survivability in optical and overlay networks, and inference and study of large-scale complex networks (such as the human brain). For more information, please check my publications, résumé, and citations.

Recent publications:

M. Kurant, C. T. Butts, A. Markopoulou
"Graph Size Estimation"

M. Kurant, M. Gjoka, Y. Wang, Z. W. Almquist, C. T. Butts, A. Markopoulou
"Coarse-Grained Topology Estimation via Graph Sampling"
ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Online Social Networks (WOSN) 2012
pdf, arXiv, visualization

F. Malandrino, M. Kurant, A. Markopoulou, C. Westphal, U. Kozat
"Proactive Seeding for Information Cascades in Cellular Networks"

M. Kurant, M. Gjoka, C. T. Butts and A. Markopoulou
"Walking on a Graph with a Magnifying Glass"
pdf, extended version, pptx, data

M. Kurant, A. Markopoulou and P. Thiran
"Towards Unbiased BFS Sampling"
IEEE JSAC, Oct. 2011   pdf   arXiv   python scripts

M. Gjoka, M. Kurant, C. T. Butts and A. Markopoulou
"Practical Recommendations on Sampling OSN Users by Crawling the Social Graph"
IEEE JSAC, Oct. 2011
pdf, python scripts, data

M. Kurant
"Exploiting the Path Propagation Time in Multipath Transmission with FEC"
IEEE JSAC, May 2011, also presented at INFOCOM 2009 (pdf, ppt)

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